Level Four: Number and Algebra

Equations and Expressions

AO1: Form and solve simple linear equations.

(There is only one acheivement objective for Equations and Expressions for Level 4 of the NZC)

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solve simple linear equations in the form y = mx + c

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This means students will solve simple linear equations in the form y = mx + c, where x and y are related variables and where m is a whole number and c is an integer, for example q = 3p – c, or a + 5 = 4b. When the value of one variable is given the value of the other can be found by solving the equation, for example 3p – 6 = 18. Students should understand the equals sign as a statement of balance and know what operations to both sides of an equation preserve that balance, for example take off the same number from both sides. At Level Four students should be able to find the required value using both sensible estimation and improvement, and by formal methods of applying inverse operations, for example 3p – 6 = 18 so 3p = 24 (adding six to both sides) so p = 8 (dividing both sides by three).