Level 5 Geometry and Measurement: Shape

Year 10 Classroom teaching on this Topic http://2013maths.wikispaces.com/10MAT+Term+2+Week+5
Year 9 Classroom teaching (assumed prior knowledge) http://2013maths.wikispaces.com/9MAT+Term+2+Week+4
http://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/parallel-lines.html (Parallel Lines Test)
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Quotes from the NZC http://www.nzmaths.co.nz/elaborations-level-five-geometry-and-measurement
AO1: Deduce the angle properties of intersecting and parallel lines and the angle properties of polygons and apply these properties.
The angle properties of lines are:
1.Vertically opposite angles are equal
2.Adjacent angles add to 180
3.Corresponding angles are equal
4.Interior angles add to 180
5.Alternate angles are equal
1.Interior angles of a polygon with n sides are ((n-2) x 180)/n.
2.Exterior angles of any polygon add to 360.